Founded in 1995, Prairie Wild Consulting Co. is a comprehensive community and regional planning, development and community-based research firm based out of Saskatoon. Simply put – we strive to help prepare communities for the future. We have two key aspects to the work we do as an interdisciplinary team. First, we conduct applied research and develop participatory engagement tools to help communities in shaping their vision, objectives, policies and actions. Secondly, we develop technical tools and processes to help communities, regions and community-based clients strive to achieve their vision.  Members of our team require a strong background in comprehensive land-use planning, applied social research and environmental sciences, facilitation techniques, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and project management in addition to numerous other applied skillsets.

Prairie Wild is known for delivering uniquely tailored planning solutions to governments and civil society. Grounded in the values of integrity, leadership, innovation and excellence, Prairie Wild and members of our company have received international, national and local recognition for our innovative community planning and engagement philosophy and approach.

We provide a number of community planning and social research consulting
services such as:

  • Development of District Plans (DPs), Official Community Plans (OCPs),
    Local Area Plans (LAPs), Inter-Municipal Plans, and Multi-Ordinal
    Governance Plans including Third Party Organisations e.g.
    Biosphere Reserves, Special Planning Areas;
  • Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Implementation;
  • Development of Strategic Plans and Comprehensive Land Use Management Planning Frameworks for Aboriginal communities;
  • Development of Strategic Plans for local governments, community-based, regional and provincial-based organisations and agencies;
  • Drafting of Zoning Bylaws;
  • Development and facilitation of community engagement processes;
  • Concept plan development;
  • Drafting of Development reviews for local governments;
  • Comprehensive Land use policy analysis review;
  • Advisement to prospective Developers and residents in general about planning legislation;
  • Comprehensive geo-spatial analysis including full mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services e.g. development of Future Land Use Maps, Zoning Maps, reference maps, Concept Plans;
  • Adaptation planning - applied technical skill-set regarding Land and Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment related to flood mitigation and other climate extremes and natural constraints;
  • Full complement of applied social research and analysis including literature reviews, environmental scans, social indicators and needs assessments utilizing a variety of mixed methods;
  • Cultural mapping and Asset based mapping;
  • Urban design/Place-making processes and techniques based on Project for Public Spaces principles and methodology;
  • Conduction of various planning education workshops and presentations to various audiences e.g. School children, Councillors, Administrators, Agencies, Organizations, Industry representatives; and
  • Training and implementation of various different facilitation and community engagement processes and techniques.

Clients include all orders of government, cooperatives, developers, small businesses and community based organizations requesting assistance in these areas. Services are available locally, nationally and internationally.

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Prairie Wild Consulting Co.
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